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Milling is the term used for a machining process using rotary cutters to remove material from a work piece by moving in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool. It covers a wide variety of different operations and machines on scales from small individual parts to large heavy-duty gang milling operations. Here in WKW Precision we have the technology and machinery available to complete your requirement in a precise, efficient manner with a swift turnaround.

Milling can be carried out on our wide range of milling machines. After the arrival of Computer Numerical Control (C.N.C.), milling machines quickly became machining centres, generally classified as Vertical Machining Centres (V.M.C.) and Horizontal Machining Centres (H.M.C.).

Turning is another process for machining metal. Carried out on a lathe, WKW Precision has years of experience in this field of precision engineering. Usually its operation is for the removal of metal from a cylindrical workpiece that will reduce the size of the diameter to a very high tolerance leaving a very smooth finish.

Since the formation of WKW Precision over 45 years ago, technology has changed at a rapid pace and the decision to invest in the latest machinery has allowed us to become one of the leading companies for precision components in the UK. With our client base expanding across the globe, we can provide you with a quality assured component at a cost-effective price. Call us today and one of our professional team will come back to you with an answer to your enquiry.

WKW Precision has years of experience with the most modern equipment available to complete your order. With a commitment to technology, investment provides the capability to offer accuracy, speed and reliability. Growing each year, we have an array of machinery available. The Doosan CNC Infracore range of models are centres designed for heavy interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy and a superior surface finish. With the Hardinge range of lathes, they boast exceptional qualities boosting power, speed, accuracy and durability. Machinery availability includes:


C.N.C. Turning 

  • Doosan Infracore   Puma 400B, Puma 2600 and the Lynx 220B ( No. 2 off )
  • Colchester Combi K4, Tornado 200, Tornado 300
  • Hardinge Talent 10/78  ( No. 2 off ),  GS 250 & GS 200.
  • DSG 2415 Manual Plus
  • Binns & Berry Data 90
  • Binns & Berry Data 1000

C.N.C  Milling

  • Quaser MV 184 E  ( No. 2 off )  &  MV184 P   ( No. 2 off )
  • Bridgeport VMC 800 XP & Bridgeport VMC 800 X
  • Hardinge VCM 760/XP3 & Hardinge VMC 1000/XR 

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