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Vacancies at WKW Precision Engineering

Job Title –CNC Turning Programmer, Setter, Operator (Fanuc/G-code)

Responsible to – Section Leader (Operations Manager)

Main Role and Objectives

  • Achieve the required levels of output
  • Achieve the required levels of quality
  • Generate CNC machine programmes for less complex component forms
  • Set and operate CNC machines
  • Optimise machine utilisation and performance
  • Ensuring safe working practices
  • Receive instructions as appropriate to ensure that the correct work is expedited to the required levels of workmanship

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Develop and Produce CNC programmes for straight forward types of component for any machine in the section
  • Set and operate machines using existing or newly generated programmes
  • Assist or instruct other operatives with set ups tooling and cutting details as necessary in order to get the best benefit from programmes
  • Record all details of tooling, set-up and any other information that is deemed necessary to enable efficient use of the programme the next time it is used (notes, photos, sketches etc.)
  • Working to the sections’ work schedule to ensure it is met.
  • Wherever possible, identify and obtain tooling, fixtures and machine programme requirements for jobs in advance of starting the job in order to reduce spindle stop time.
  • Report problems with drawings, materials, tooling, machines and equipment to management as soon as possible
  • Work towards the standardisation and optimisation of methods and machine programmes.
  • Advise management of possible means of improving efficiency within the department and the company as a whole.
  • Develop within the section, first off and in process inspection routines in order to reduce waiting time and demands on the inspection department.
  • Ensure that measuring equipment in the section is up to date with regards to calibration and take action in the event of equipment being overdue.
  • Ensure that routine maintenance (lubrication, cutting fluid, machine cleaning etc) tasks are carried out at the required frequencies.
  • Report breakdowns and machine malfunctions immediately
  • Maintain high standards of housekeeping within the section as a whole and on individual machines and work areas.
  • Wherever possible reduce down time by planning swarf removal, machine cleaning and routine maintenance at times when the machine is not in use. Ensure that labourers are informed in ample time to ensure that the tasks happen when required.
  • Assist in developing job cycle times for quotation purposes.

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(updated: 02/01/20)