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In addition to general machining and turning, WKW offers a tool re-grinding service that includes drills, reamers, end mills, slot drills and side and face cutters in high speed steel (HSS) and carbide. We also provide form cutters/tools in HSS and carbide for milling, drilling and turning applications. Internal and external splines, sprockets and gears.



General Machining

Our manual machine shop offers full facilities for turning, milling, drilling and the grinding of external and internal tool surfaces. We also have an extensive range of gear cutting machines and cutting tools. Our machinery includes:

  • Colchester Mastiff 1400

  • Triumph 2000 Lathe

  • Ward 7 Lathe

  • Ward 3A Lathe

  • Accura Simplex Internal & External Oil Groover

We can provide customers with straight and helical gears, bevels, worm/worm-wheels, racks, splines, serrations, key-ways, and broaching (splines, serrations, squares, rectangles and hexagons). A wide selection of screws and thread forms is also available. Thread milled screws up to 50mm (2 inch) diameter x 5 metres (16 feet) long can be made or we can machine screws with a diameter larger than 50mm and up to 2400mm (8 feet) long. Thread forms available include: stub, acme, square, trapezoidal and buttress.


CNC Turning Machines and Capacity

Machine Model Max: Dia. (mm) Max: Turn (mm)
Colchester Tornado 200 254 400
Colchester Tornado 300 300 600
Colchester Kombi K4 554 2032
Hardinge Talent 10/78 356 560
Hardinge Talent 10/78 356 560
Hardinge GS 200 284 406
Hardinge GS 250 356 600
Doosan Puma 400B 550 1043
Doosan Puma 2600 481 750
Doosan Lynx 220B 320 525
Doosan Lynx 220B 320 525
Binns & Berry Data 90 750 250
Binns & Berry Data 1000 600 4000
Dean Smith & Grace 2415 Manual Plus 615 4000

C.N.C. Milling & Capacity

Machine Model Max X Dim Max Y Dim Max Z Dim
Hardinge VMC 760 XP3 760mm 610mm 610mm
Hardinge VMC 1000 XR 1020mm 610mm 610mm
Bridgeport VMC 800 XP 800mm 510mm 600mm
Bridgeport VMC 800 X 800mm 510mm 600mm
Quaser MC184 P 1020mm 610mm 610mm
Quaser MC I84 E 1020mm 610mm 610mm
Quaser MC 184 P 1020mm 610mm 610mm
Quaser MC 184 E 1020mm 610mm 610mm

EDM ( Electrical Discharge Machining) & Capacity

Machine Model Max Plate Size X Max Plate Size Y Max Plate Size Z
Charmilles 440 C 1200mm 700mm 400mm
Max Work Area 300mm 350mm 400mm
Actspark SP 1 790mm 480mm 235mm
Max Work Area 320mm 250mm 235mm
Charmilles Form 30 1000mm 700mm 400mm
Max Work Area 600mm 400mm 400mm


Machine Model Positional X Dimension Y Dimension
Kearns & Richards SH75 Borer Horizontal 1000mm 1000mm

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Since the formation of WKW Precision back in 1970 the Company has grown to be recognised as a leader in the field of Precision Engineering. Our reputation is based on customer service, commitment, attention to detail, being cost effective and, above all,

“Competitive, Reliable, Quality Service”