Quality Control

“Competitive, Reliable, Quality Service”

The Company and the manufacturing of precision engineered products is assessed by the Chamber Certification Assessment Services (C.C.A.S.) and accredited to British Standard ISO 9001:2015. WKW is currently also working towards the I.S.O.14001 Environmental Certification and the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Qualification.

We are also FIT4 Nuclear Accredited

Fit 4 Nuclear 1  ISO

Temperature Controlled Inspection Department

A climate controlled Inspection Department means that measurements are consistent and equipment standards are always maintained. Accurate component checking both during and as part of a final inspection procedure will be achieved. Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines (C.M.M.) allow us to measure dimensions with precision accuracy that will highlight any flaws in the manufacturing process.

On the Job Inspections

Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines (C.M.M.) we have available and Measuring Ranges
Make Model Max: X- Dim. Max: Y- Dim Max: Z – Dim
Mitutoyo Crystal Apex S544 505mm 405mm 405mm
Mitutoyo Crystal Apex S574 505mm 700mm 405mm
Mitutoyo Crystal Apex C9106 905mm 1005mm 600mm
Mitutoyo Euro M574 500mm 700mm 400mm
Mitutoyo Euro M544 400mm 500mm 400mm
Mitutoyo SJ-210 Surface Hardness Tester
Johnson & Allen SBU 2000 MPI Bench Unit.
Wilson & Wolpert 500 MDR Hardness Tester


In addition to our co-ordinate measuring machines above, we have the benefits of a

Portable Faro Gage Plus that has a measuring area of 1200mm ( 4ft) of spherical volume and has an accuracy of 0.018mm (0.0007in.). The Portable Faro Gage Plus has been designed for the shop floor and allows personnel the ability of a fast set up which allows parts to be measured quickly, easily and above all accurately.

Programme’s are in operation for all inspection equipment that allows faster inspection of repeat and batch work.

Non Destructive Examination (N.D.E)

A testing technique that enables us to check for flaws in raw and finished jobs without damaging the component. Processes include UT, MPI and LPI. We can also measure the hardness of raw materials and finished parts before or after heat treatment to Rockwell and Brinell standards. An extensive range of Gagemaker thread gauges means that we can accurately check the threads of a wide variety of thread forms both internal and external, over a size range of 5/8” (16mm) to 24” (600mm)

We are also able to carry out reverse engineering of obsolete parts from samples using proven techniques. This work involves the use of 2D/3D Solid Model CAD.


Quality of Workmanship and High Standards of Customer Service are                               Paramount here in

                                                       WKW Precision Engineering.